January 19, 2010

it’s been a while..

so maybe i’ll try blogging again..

haha so i don’t completely forget about my senior year, even though nothing amazing has happened yet. let’s see what i can remember so far..

.football games


.milk tea boba trips


.movies, game nights, more movies and game nights

.the no good holidays

.new years eve party

.christie’s birthday dinner

THAT’S IT? meh….well winterformal is coming up. thu’s tennis banquet is this friday..which just means more money being spent. damn you thu, haha. i was so close to getting away with a free basketball game instead..cause i’m a FREE bitch baby!

July 20, 2009


man, i wish i started blogging again since the start of summer! the first two weeks were pretty damn amazing, let’s see…


.lots of biking during the day time

.fred’s basketball games on thursdays

.swimming at jenny’s fabulous pool

.transformers at midnight! (“early” birthday celebration)

.grunion run 3times

.movie nights

.spontaneous “out and abouts”

and mucho moreee but i can’t remember anymore since it’s been waay too long. after a while, it’s been the same old, but still fun of course. summer is summer, as long as i wake up to a new fresh day with no worries about school and homework, it’s all good. so let’s talk about the new stuff! upcoming activitiess;

.tonight, jacuzzi-ing

.OC fair on wednesday (1-6pm free admission with a childrens book!)

.fred’s usual ball game on thursday

.perhaps movies on friday? haven’t looked that far into the week yet

yeeeeeeeppppppp,……..that’s it. hahaha

May 20, 2009

middle day of 7

today is wednesday and all i did was go to school. school school school, and then home home home. wait, i forgot to add home..WORK. geeezes i’m looking forward to.. tomorrow; bike adventure to wal mart! friday; terminator and strawberry festival! saturday; beach clean up and possibly UCI dance yeeeaaaaaaaaaa booooy!

May 17, 2009

the usual.

oh, what a beautiful sunday not spent correctly. sigh, oh well. gotta get some homework done before i cram myself again. i want school to end, but yet at the same time, i can’t bear not seeing my friends and classmates and etc, at school and events. where is the balance to this? haha. anywho, just a quick jot of what might become of my sunday later; the usual with parentals (grocery shopping, dinner, etc)…homework? perhaps, lmao. thaaat shall be it for the day. events this week: monday; early release tuesday; red cross presidents meeting at OC chapter friday; terminator? and strawberry festival saturday; UCI dance? or maybe not


soooo for the crosa thing, we painted and painted..and painted some more. took a lot of energy, but i think our asb student center stage is looking spiffy now ;) theen bunny took us to the keyclub event at the garden grove library. and after, we rested at home for a bit, and we decided to bike to “cantaloop” without having real directions. wow. got off the bike trail to 17th street, roamed around the SAC/target plaza area for over an hour trying to find the damn place. gave up, and decided to go to rite aid (on memory lane/bristol) and guess what? RITE AID WAS CLOSING! -____- business wasn’t well, i guess. just our luck, right? haha maan. afteer the whole shabangg, we went to the church fair to meet up with the fags (fags or fine.asian.guys, however you’d like to call them) and went to BO 7 MON, but of course, we can’t afford that shit. lmao. so we went to denny’s. for once, i had a good experience at denny’s! then, we went to jimmy’s house to play some games/chill. it was sorta weird, or maybe it was just me. zero period on friday, and then crosa “campus beautification” today. what an energy drainer! overall, it was an alright day. the best thing? hmm, can’t really say. maybe just dinner alone hahah :)

May 15, 2009

tgif? hell yeaaaah

school ended with me and thu going to the fullerton baskin robbins to fill out application forms for the mainplace baskin robbins (opening june 1st). my application was breezy, but then again, i didn’t take it that seriously. but thu, on the other hand, took a while hahah. i had a couple of good laughters :D anyways, after that, we went to yogurtland (right next to it pretty much) and got some froyoo. soo cheap i swear! freakin cherry on top -__- ! and later, perhaps a bike ride? but later tonight… st. calistus church fair! yaaaaaay,…? lmao not really. i truly don’t think the fair is getting older, but simply, we are getting older. hopefully it’ll be fun and realxing though (c:

May 14, 2009

first timer!

hoa made tumblr interesting so i decided to have one too! hahah. that’s it for today :)